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Jeremy Siberell

City Treasurer

Jeremy has served as City Treasurer for the past eight years. He previously served four years as 5th Ward Councilman. Jeremy works for Nationwide Insurance as an Investment Analyst & owns a bookkeeping business.

Joe Gieringer

City Council President

Mr. Gieringer is a Territory Manager with Biosense Webster, a medical equipment company. He and his wife Conchetta are co-owners of the Warner Building & Dwell Real Estate. As a stakeholder in Chillicothe, Joe believes it is time to step up to make a difference in the community he loves. Follow his campaign by clicking the the Facebook Icon!

Dr. Anthony Phillips

Council At-Large

Dr. Phillips is a Chiropractic & Holistic Healthcare doctor. at the Radiant Wellness Center. For the past 25 years, he has provided outreach through the Christian Prison Ministry program to those in need. Dr. Phillips believes leadership starts with servanthood and wants to serve the community that he loves. Follow his campaign by clicking the the Facebook Icon!

Julie Preston

Council At-Large

Julie recently retired from the Chillicothe Police Department, many local children knew her as the D.A.R.E. officer. She now works as Resource Officer for the City Schools. As a parent, public servant, and lifelong citizen, Julie is vested in our community and knows how the city runs making her an excellent choice in the upcoming election! Follow her campaign by clicking the the Facebook Icon!

Greg Phillips

1st Ward City Council

Greg brings years of experience in planning, negotiation, and problem-solving to the city council. He is in his 23rd year as an educator in the Chillicothe school district. Greg presently serves as 1st Ward Councilman and is running unopposed. Follow Greg's service to his community by clicking the the Facebook Icon!

Kathy Payne

2nd Ward City Council

Kathy's 38 years in education as a teacher, administrator, and now consultant makes her an effective planner and communicator. She is passionate about education and working with the youth within our community. She brings that same passion to work for the citizens of the 2nd Ward and Chillicothe. Kathy is running unopposed in the upcoming election. Follow her page by clicking the the Facebook Icon!

Terrell Fairrow

4th Ward City Council

As a local real estate agent, Terrell will use his community knowledge, strong interpersonal and negotiating skills to work for the community he loves and wants to serve. He will be a voice for the 4th Ward to see that as the rest of the city moves forward, so does the 4th Ward.

Dr. Allison Henderson

5th Ward City Council

Dr. Henderson is an Optometrist, she and her husband Will Henderson, own ClearSite Vision in downtown Chillicothe. Allison's unique perspective on business and family values will serve Chillicothe well by focusing on issues to restore growth and ensure critical city services are improved. Follow her campaign by clicking the the Facebook Icon!